On-Site Support

On-Site Support

Having problems with your computer? Unable to print that invoice you need to send? Can’t connect to the internet to place an order? Our team of experienced support professionals can fix all these problems and more. We can also help prevent them in the future, even if you need that help for just a few hours every month. We offer a number of different Monthly Support Packages with hours that you can use as you see fit.

Still not convinced? What if we told you that we don’t believe in out-sourcing? The support team members coming to your business, or talking to you on the phone are 100% local, working out of our office in Toronto.

Ready to get started? We can design a support package tailored to meet your needs. Contact David Lowry for more details!


Not sure what package is right for you? Compare the package features using our handy table.

  The Street Package (Basic) The Road Plan (Standard) The Avenue Plan (Advanced)
Computer Help      
Printer Help      
Purchase & Upgrade Advice      
Back-up & Recovery*      
Remote Support      
Anti-Virus Help      
Network Troubleshooting      
Network Installation      
DNS Support      
Batch File Set-Up      
Disaster Recovery      
* Assumes that a back-up has been performed

We can design a  custom support package  tailored to meet your needs!   Contact Us to get started!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the features table above lists the type of services that we offer. In all cases the package that you select will determine the number of support hours that you can use. Your situation will necessarily be unique. Backup and Recovery in particular can be complex and while we cannot guarantee that a support call will be completed within your alloted time we will certainly warn you if we expect any particular job to exceed that time allotment.