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The BHS Design philosophy

Strategic design is crucial to a project's success. We work closely with you to define and deliver exceptional design that meets your goals.

 "Design is not the narrow application of formal skills. It is a way of thinking." 

 - Chris Pullman 


The users' experience when using the mobile app is key. We marry up your vision with industry standard guidelines. But a gorgeous app sometimes isn't enough – it needs to live and play nice with your other technologies. We have the experience to ensure that your app is a perfect fit.

Web Development

First impressions are everything. Whether you are a start-up or a big fish in a big pond, your website is your face. From design strategy, to driving sales, to maximizing the user/client experience, to planning the best tech to use – we have you covered.

Emerging Technologies

We love a challenge. Navigating new technologies can be daunting at the best of times. Let us help! We can turn your cutting-edge concept into something concrete. Remember that guy in engineering who said, "It can't be done"? We will prove him wrong.

Network Support

Email, VOIP, Internet, Printers, PCs, Macs, Mobile devices, Servers, Backups, security cameras, more servers, networks, Wi-Fi. The list just goes on. We have the people and the experience to manage these headaches for you. We design a customized plan to support your various systems.
If you have a technology problem, BHS Consultants has the solution!  Contact Us to get started.