About us

Our Mandate: It is our mission to provide quality IT services, namely consultation, resources, support and development. With respect to software, we focus on researching, developing, designing, implementing and maintaining custom software solutions for businesses across the spectrum.

BHS Consultants was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1994 under the name Baldhead Systems by entrepreneurs Jay Jordon and Ron Leach.

BHS Consultants provides customers with a myriad of services, including software design and development, systems integration, network support, IT consulting, professional services and project management.

Some of BHS’s biggest achievements include being the first company to create a secure mobile banking application and the first to create a real-time mobile stock trading application for Blackberry, Palm and Pocket PC when, in 2000, BHS forged a partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada to form a new company called Sona Innovations Inc. This venture was a result of BHS’s forward thinking and innovative ideas.

In 2006, BHS co-founded Byte Media, Canada’s first on-transit, rich-media delivery platform. Initially deployed to York Regional Transit’s VIVA buses, after a successful roll-out, the platform expanded to include static locations.

Today, BHS continues to meet clients’ business needs anywhere, anytime and is committed to helping all of its clients succeed by maintaining strong foundations in long-term relationships.

In 2014, BHS will celebrate its 20th anniversary, a significant milestone for any IT company. BHS has grown from humble beginnings to become a recognized player in the mobile and software development space.

A brief history of BHS Consultants’ major events can be found below:

  • 1994: Baldhead Systems is founded by Jay Jordon and Ron Leach.
  • 1997: Developed internal logistics software for Commodity Forwarders Incorporated, the largest perishable forwarders in North America. This relationship continues to this day.
  • 2000: Partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada to create a secure banking application for the early BlackBerry, Palm and Pocket PC devices. This same application allows for the transmission of real-time market data. This venture was called Sona Innovations.
  • 2003: Sona Innovations goes public under the name ‘Sona Mobile’.
  • 2006: Partnership with DPI Transit Media to found Byte Media. Byte creates one of Canada’s first on-transit rich-media news and advertising platforms.
  • 2007: Byte Media extends its platform to deliver its content to static locations such as The Firkin Chain of Pubs and St. Louis Bar and Grill.
  • 2010: BHS Consultants is contracted by Clear Channel Communications to help develop its next-generation web platform and flagship mobile applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
  • 2011: BHS Consultants is contracted by NBC Universal to develop products for its Emerging Technologies division.